About us

We are a family run club that welcomes members from all ages.  We run friendly sessions for both men and women who want to learn a martial art, get fit and learn self defence. All of the Instructors have been DBS checked and hold Instructors Liability Insurance. 

Regular grading and competions mean that members can progress through the belt grading system and take part in a competitive sport if they so wish or just get fit.  For our younger members the sport helps build confidence and discipline, whilst enabling them to learn self defence in a safe, disciplined class, taught by professionals. The first month is FREE, so come and give Taekwondo a try at one of our various venues.  Please contact Master  Paul Chafe on 07789 888747 if you wish further information regarding any aspects of Taekwondo or more information regarding our classes.    


 Please visit us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/panther.taekwondo.southampton