Instructor Profile


                                               Master Paul Chafe

                       ( Chief Instructor/ Chief Referee /Tournament Director)

                                                      6th Dan                                            

  I started training in taekwondo back in 1986 when I was 13 years old. I have been teaching taekwondo since 1989 and have competed in both national and international competitions, winning medals at various levels in both full contact sport (korugi) and the technical (poomsae)
Since having retired from competition taekwondo I now concentrate on both coaching and teaching.
As the chief instructor I regularly maintain my teaching and knowledge through training sessions and seminars with our founder and president of Panther Taekwondo Black Belt Academy Master Ewan Briscoe.
My biggest accomplishment to date has been guide many of my students from novice white belt students, through to an accomplished black belt.


                                          Master Paul  Sear

                                           (Club Secretary)

                                                  5th Dan

                                                    STEM registered and  DBS certificates


                  I first started training when I was fourteen in both Judo and Karate (Wada Ryu) I started training in Taekwondo during the early 1980s and trained for several years taking part in full and semi contact sparring, The majority of the competitions that I participated in during this time were mixed martial arts. Since returning to Taekwondo I have taken an active role in the club activities including grading days and co-ordination on tournament days.

I prepare the demonstration team for any events throughout the year and teach on a Saturday morning at MP3 in Millbrook.



                                           Master Garry Bush

                                                  5th Dan




           I  first started training over twenty years ago, I have recently attended a referee's training course Germany which has enabled me to be able to referee various national tournaments. I also stand in for any instructors who are unable to attend their class.

I take an active role in all club tournaments and club grading's I have a vast amount of experience in all aspects of Taekwondo from the more traditional to the sport side of sparring.